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Are These 6 DEADLY MISTAKES Keeping You from Getting Your FIRST DEAL... DONE?

Helping New Real Estate Investors Get Their
Is What We Do Best!



Are You Chasing the WRONG Leads?

Maybe you're "Driving for Dollars," or sending out Direct Mail letters and postcards, or trying to find deals on the MLS. Whatever your marketing system, so far none of it has brought you any success!

With Deal//Slicer, you can...

  • Tap into a deep pool of motivated sellers ready RIGHT NOW
  • Avoid wasting time or money ineffective marketing campaigns
  • ​Start talking to qualified sellers ​immediately


Does Your Training Gives You ZERO Confidence?

So many new investors pick up their "training" through a mash-up of random YouTube videos, outdated and generic documents and forms found using Google search, and advice from other unsuccessful wholesalers!

With Deal//Slicer, you can...

  • Learn a complete and effective wholesaling system from start to finish
  • Watch in-depth video training modules that let you progress at your own pace
  • ​Apply your new skills to working LIVE deals and get ​paid​ to learn
JV Team Operating Framework.png


Are Your Questions Getting Timely and Helpful Answers?

Facebook Groups and online forums can be helpful, but sometimes you need to ask a specific question of someone familiar with the exact same systems and documents you use.

With Deal//Slicer, you can...

  • Join LIVE monthly Mastermind calls where you can ask ALL your questions
  • Review our extensive library of previous LIVE call recordings
  • ​Get direct access to Mitch when you hit a brick wall while working on a deal 


Do You Lack the Support of a Strong Peer TEAM?

Every investor who achieves lasting success builds a team of supportive colleagues that can help them take down bigger deals. We call this our #TeamUnstoppable Mastermind group: a team of active and committed investors helping to keep you on track and motivated!

With Deal//Slicer, you can...

  • Expand your training by working side-by-side with experienced investors ALL using the same systems and tools
  • Apply the skills you learn to earn money while helping our joint-venture partners close their deals


Are You Missing Out on the Latest TECH and TOOLS?

How should you keep track of seller conversations? What is a reliable and accurate skip-tracing service to collect phone numbers and email addresses? Technology is the key to saving time and sanity in this business! If you don't take advantage of the latest tools, you'll lose out to those investors who DO!

With Deal//Slicer, you can...

  • ​Access all the best technology and tools you need to be effective
  • ​Receive referrals and discounts on new services, like accounting and banking, that will help you run your wholesaling business


Did You Choose a TERRIBLE Market for New Investors?

What if you're doing everything RIGHT but you're operating in a real estate market that is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for new investors to break into?

With Deal//Slicer, you can...

  • ​Avoid the mistake of choosing a BAD investor market
  • ​Follow in the footsteps of successful wholesalers and focus on getting deals done

Our Mission

Help new investors see and decide that Deal//Slicer is
the fastest and most surefire path to getting that

They're NAILING It!
Now, So Can YOU!

You can close wholesale deals remotely without ever setting FOOT in Tulsa!


2 Tulsa Deals... DONE!

“I originally had no intention of looking for deals in Tulsa. My whole focus was on Georgia. With the training Mitch provided, I was able to identify and lock down a "Tired Landlord" seller and I got my FIRST DEAL... DONE! I've now done two deals in Tulsa and have personally earned over $9K in wholesale fees. The amount of value I got was FAR more valuable than that money. What I learned from Mitch I can now apply in any markets I choose!”
- Souley H.

Jason Rushin.png

3 Tulsa Deals... DONE!

“In the last 5 months we done 3 deals using Mitch #TiredLandlord leads. The last deal was seller financing, and Mitch was able to help me structure the terms to generate ongoing monthly income for me without ever having a tenant! Mitch is my real live human Google when it comes to real estate! Having direct access to Mitch and his system has put over 20k in my pocket in the last 5 months!” 
- Jason R.


Working on a Tulsa Deal NOW!

“I've been working Tulsa #TiredLandlord leads using Mitch's System for a few months now. Having access to these leads means I can spend more time texting and talking to sellers, which is exactly what I need practice doing. While I haven't closed a deal yet, I am SO much closer thanks to the expertise and support of Mitch and his Team! I know it's only a matter of time before I get a "Yes" that turns into MONEY!” 
- Megan P.


I’m an INVESTOR, not a coach! I have no need or use for students. I’m seeking great partners so we can EARN and LEARN together!

- Mitch Messer, DealMaker

I started real estate investing in 1999 and by 2006 had amassed a multi-million dollar rental portfolio. Then, in 2007, I was promptly and utterly crushed during the Real Estate Bubble and Great Recession and had to begin again!


Fortunately, thanks in large part to my world-class professional network, I rebounded wiser and stronger with an international investment operation backed by over $2 million in private lender funds.

Today, I work with joint venture partners and investors from New York City to San Francisco to Houston, from South Korea to Israel to France, helping them do deals and acquire high cash flow real estate across the U.S.









Frequently Asked Questions

Let me answer your questions while I juggle these oranges!


 Why Tulsa?

Tulsa is HOT without being too competitive, BIG but not overwhelming. The real estate market is crazy strong there! Most of all, Tulsa is very friendly to new investors. It is the PERFECT place to do your first wholesale deal!

 Do I have to LIVE in Tulsa for this to work?

Nope, and that is the whole POINT! Get your first deal done from anywhere in the world. Our first FIVE deals of 2022 were ALL done with partners who never set FOOT in Tulsa. We work with members from over a dozen countries!

 Will this only work in Tulsa?

No, the skills you will develop will apply in ANY real estate market. You just need to get that FIRST DEAL... DONE to prove to yourself (and perhaps your spouse/friends/parents) that this really works!

 Do I get support if I'm stuck?

Yes, first you get in-depth training on how the System works. You also get to attend LIVE #TeamUnstoppable Mastermind calls to get answers. Finally, you get direct access me, Mitch Messer, to help you through the rough patches!

 Is there an expensive, long-term commitment?

Nope! Take 30 days to join our community and check us out. Watch as deals get worked in real-time. Study our in-depth training videos. Attend a LIVE #TeamUnstoppable Mastermind call. Talk to members who have closed deals with us. Then, YOU decide if you want to continue! If not, cancel with no questions asked!


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